Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I have an emergency.  There's this girl at school who has been bullying me.  She is a big JERK.  So I have learned some tips to help deal with bullies.  I will put them in order for which works the best.  
1.  Say,  "Thank you sooooo much!  
2.  Ignore her and just start talking to someone else.  
3.  Do the opposite of what she wants you to do.  That way, she will realize that she is not in charge of you.  
4.  Make her think you are a dork.  That way, she will think, "Uh oh.  I'll lose my reputation if I'm with this dork anymore."  
If you have anymore ideas, just leave a comment.  Thanks!  


  1. hey katie and you are right about bullies if you stand up to them they fall down! (Ian)