Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day Craft

My mom does a lot of nice stuff for me.  She makes me food, washes my clothes, she teaches me, and other stuff.  So on Mother's Day, we like to show our mom some appreciation.  My mom likes to look at flowers, so every year we buy a flowerpot and put our hand-prints on it.  Here is a little variation.  
1 LARGE flower pot 
green paint (you can choose the other colors)  
1 paintbrush
Your mom's favorite flowers
Potting soil
Make sure the pot is NOT glazed, because then the paint won't work.  Also, the paint needs to be washable.  Dip one of your hands into the paint of your choice.  Put your hand-print at the top.  Then make more hand-prints in kind of a circle so it looks like a flower.  Then make a stem and leaves with the green paint.  Fill the pot with the dirt, and plant the flowers.  Do it early so the flowers will be blooming by Mother's Day.  

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